The B.E.S.T. Mission

The Birch Educational Support Team is a dedicated group of parents, staff and community members striving to support Birch Elementary students and staff through engagement in school goals and the School Improvement Plan. Every parent at Birch is automatically a member of B.E.S.T. We look forward to working with each and every one of you! To contact us, click here.



All of Boulder Valley will be moving to a new assessment system called iReady. If your child was at Birch last year, they may already be familiar with this computer program, which provides teachers diagnostic information and progress monitoring information for your child as a reader. If your child struggles as a reader, he/she may also have the opportunity for some additional computer-based instruction that will target her/his specific needs. Click on this link to learn more about this assessment program.  (pdf attached here)

August 19 and 20 will be assessment days for grades 2-5. Kindergartener assessments will be on August 21 and 22 (First graders will be completing their assessment during the first two weeks of school during the school day). We would really love children to come into school on these days, log in to their account and complete their initial diagnostic assessment in either the computer lab or the library with one of our literacy specialists. This pre-assessment allows our teachers to engage in high-quality instruction and target your child's needs right away! Thanks in advance for making these early assessment times work for your family. Here's the link for early assessment sign up
Our literacy specialists can accommodate 50 students per time slot across grade levels. You will drop off your child and then pick them up when they are finished with their assessment. If you would be willing to help with assessments during any of the times, please email Tracy Stegall at tracy.stegall@bvsd.org.  

Help with the Birch Ice Cream Social!
One of the best events of the year — we need both day-of volunteers and toppings donations. Sign up here

Looking for the 1st Day Mailing documents? 

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School Supply Lists

The BULLDOG JOG is September 26 ... Volunteer to help out!
Birch's first fundraiser of the year is coming up in September and we need help with a few things. CLICK HERE to see what volunteer opportunities are available. 
Universal Breakfast Menu

Click here to see the two-week rotating menu. 

Welcome to the Birch B.E.S.T. website ...

From Tracy Stegall, Principal

Tracy Stegall_Birch Elementary.jpgGreetings, and thank you SO MUCH for visiting our Birch Educational Support Team website! We’ve been working tirelessly to combine the efforts of our Parent-Teacher Organization and our School Improvement Team. This group will serve the needs of both of the previous groups with great success (at least we sure hope so)!

Our intent is to have this website provide more comprehensive information for parents about Birch, our school goals, our community events, and how you can be involved to help your child be successful as someone who reads, writes, thinks, creates, and cares for 30 hours (or more) a week with us. If you have any suggestions, comments, compliments, or concerns, I’m just a phone call, email, or visit away. My direct email is tracy.stegall@bvsd.org... I look forward to your messages!